Find Cars Data by License Plate using OSINT

Find Cars Data by License Plate using OSINT
Find Cars Data by License Plate using OSINT
Find Cars Data by License Plate using OSINT
Find Cars Data by License Plate using OSINT
Find Cars Data by License Plate using OSINT

What is OSINT?

Open-source intelligence or OSINT is the act of gathering and analyzing information from publicly available resources.

Some people upload their cars’ pictures to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. unaware of what information can a stranger gather from a license plate.

In this article, I would like to share with you how can you gather cars data using OSINT

To start off, you need one of these:

  1. The car license plate number
  2. The car VIN

The VIN number (Vehicle identification number) is a unique 17 digits number assigned to each car once it is manufactured.

Each car has a unique VIN number. This means you won’t find two cars that have the same VIN number.

Think of the VIN number as the MAC address of a network card OR a human fingerprint.

Identify the car make/model

You don’t need to be a car enthusiast in order for you to identify the car make/model because you can rely on a website called CarNet AI.

This website is capable of recognizing the car make, model, and generation of most cars.

All you have to do is either enter the direct URL of the car picture or upload it to the website.


If CarNet AI wasn’t able to identify the car’s make and model, then you can perform a reverse image search.

Identify the License Plate country

The next thing you can do is to find out the country, state, and city that issued the license plate.

To achieve this, you just have to have a look at the world license plate reference.

World’s number plates by Autopunditz

I highly recommend reading (Number Plates of around the World … What they tell?- A look at TOP 25 Countries Around the world) by AutoPunditz.

CyberSudo’s OSINT list vehicles category


Let’s assume that we don’t know where this car is from. By looking in the upper left corner of the license plate, we can tell that it’s from Sweden.

The common design of EU license plates consists of a blue stripe on the left side of the plate. This blue stripe contains the EU flag symbol (twelve yellow stars) and the country code of the Member State where the vehicle is registered.


Identify the vehicle owner and VIN number

Let’s get into the fun part. There is a very handy license plate lookup tool made by cipher387 called vehicle number search toolbox.

This tool allows you to search for information about cars by vehicle license plate numbers of 14 different countries.

List of the countries
Select the country of the license plate
Type of the information you can get
The vehicle VIN number and other data
The owner’s name and address

Gather Cars Data by License Plate Number using OSINT [Video]

To see a live example of how I were able to find the car VIN number as well as the car owner, please watch the YouTube video I made on my YouTube channel CyberSudo.


Links to the websites are in CyberSudo’s OSINT Toolkit.

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