Cracking a KeePass Database File using John

John the Ripper is a free, open-source password cracking tool that helps people find weak or easily guessable passwords or recover lost or forgotten passwords.

Send a PHISHING Email to the INBOX [Email Spoofing]

In this video, you are going to learn how hackers, spammers, and social engineers can send a fake email pretending to be anyone they want.

Hacking any Windows within Seconds | Bypass Windows Defender

You can program a BadUSB to download malicious files, steal login credentials, change the user password. You can literally program it to do anything you want.

Downgrade HTTPS to HTTP | Man in the Middle Attack

One of the problems you’ll face when intercepting the traffic in your network is that some websites use HTTPS.

SSH Tunneling Send Reverse Shell over the Internet

SSH or Secure Shell is a network protocol that allows us to securely connect and communicate with a remote machine that has SSH enabled.

Hacking WiFi WPA2 Network with a Large Wordlist Without Wasting Storage

Hacking WiFi WPA2 Network with a Large Wordlist Without Wasting Storage

Install ALFA AC1200 AWUS036ACH Driver on Kali Linux

You might have bought the ALFA AC1200 adapter to learn Wi-Fi penetration testing but then, found that Kali isn’t recognizing your adapter.

Hacking Over The Internet WAN [Port Forwarding Explained]

Port forwarding is a technique that is used to allow external devices access to computers services on private networks.

Sniff Passwords on your Network using [ARP Poisoning]

Man in the Middle Attack is when the attacker is able to intercept the traffic between two authorized parties or systems. This allows the attacker to listen to the traffic and impersonate one of the authorized parties.

Hacking Wireless WPA Enterprise Networks

WPA-Enterprise (Wi-Fi Protected Access-Enterprise) is an enhanced wireless security mechanism with advanced authentication and encryption.