Send a PHISHING Email to the INBOX [Email Spoofing]

In this video, you are going to learn how hackers, spammers, and social engineers can send a fake email pretending to be anyone they want.

Find Someone’s Location using Aircraft OSINT

What is OSINT? OSINT or open-source intelligence is basically using publicly available sources such as the internet or the newspaper to collect information about an individual or an organization. Footprinting is a very important phase in any attacking scenario in which the hacker gathers information about a target before launching the attack. The information collected

Search for Someone’s Criminal Records Online using OSINT

Searching for online information about a criminal or a crime has been something that only police officers can do.

Hacking any Windows within Seconds | Bypass Windows Defender

You can program a BadUSB to download malicious files, steal login credentials, change the user password. You can literally program it to do anything you want.

RFID Cards Hacking [Cloning] Using Arduino

RFID Cards Hacking [Cloning] Using Arduino

Search for Leaked Databases using Elastic Search [OSINT]

Search for Leaked Public Databases using Elastic Search [Advanced OSINT]